Jake Shields recently offered up his take on Saturday's rematch:

?I see it being a really close match. They have similar styles. They?re both wrestling-based. Great takedowns. ? Good standup and good jiu-jitsu. It?s a close contest in my eyes. It could go either way, but again, from a business standpoint, I?m pulling slightly for GSP just because it?s a fight I?ve wanted forever.?

?I?ve sparred with Josh Koscheck quite a bit. We definitely know what to expect from each other in that fight. ? I wouldn?t say we?re great friends, but definitely we get along well. We don?t hangout outside of training, but we?ve always got along well inside the gym. I know a lot of people don?t like him. ? He was always a good guy to me and he?s one of the hardest workers I?ve ever met. I think we?ve got a lot of mutual respect because we?re both extremely hard workers. I don?t think either one of us got here where we are off of luck or just being good athletes. We work harder than everyone."