Thiago Alves is also on the UFC 124 undercard, and featured columnist Andrew Gladstone says he has all the talent to be a future world champion.

Alves has lost two straight fights, and a key factor will be in whether Georges St.-Pierre decides to move up in weight.

"Alves showed in his fights with Matt Hughes and Josh Koscheck that he has shown signs of great takedown defense, and also Alves has the best Muay Thai in the UFC's welterweight division," Gladstone writes. "I admit I am biased in this case, but I believe that Alves has true potential to one day capture the UFC welterweight title, but it's a matter of him putting it together.

"If Alves is to move forward and capture the title though, Alves has to fight less one-dimensional and mix up his Muay Thai with takedowns and submission attempts, otherwise his opponents will only have to focus on being better than him in one area."