Charles Oliveira (14-0) faces Jim Miller (18-2) in a 155-pound bout on Saturday's UFC 124 undercard, but he already is thinking ahead.

Oliveira admitted his dream is to face BJ Penn someday. He'll have to get past Miller, though. Of his two losses, one is to current lightweight champ Frankie Edgar.

"That?s my dream," Oliveira said recently. "When I saw Frankie Edgar, I thought I?d had to fight him, if it was for the belt, I?d do it, but I?d be an honor to me fighting BJ, independently of the outcome. I?d like to use my game to fight him because he?s the guy, he?s the guy of this division. I cheered for him. If he comes back in that style, he?ll rule this division.?

It's nice for fighters to dream, but also foolish to look past their next opponent. Whether it's in MMA or boxing, you'll never see fighters get wrapped up in who they would like to face. Sure, they'll talk about it and may give an opinion, but if you become too obsessed, then trouble will follow.