Rather than pursuing an opportunity with WWE, Roy Nelson should instead pursue one with TNA.

For those of you that haven't heard, Nelson recently contacted Jim Ross about the possibility of him signing with WWE. Ross, though, feels that Nelson would be better off continuing his MMA career for as long as he can before he transitions to professional wrestling. Since Ross has some influences with management, it doesn't appear that Nelson is going to be showing up at a WWE event any time soon.

Luckily for Nelson, there's another option—TNA.

Just like WWE, Dixie Carter and her staff are constantly trying to find ways to get mainstream media attention. TNA received quite a bit of additional press when they recently brought in JWoww of Jersey Shore fame. In the past, they've also received quite a bit of press coverage when bad boy NFL star Adam "Pacman" Jones was signed for a few appearances.

Nelson isn't going to draw attention like Brock Lesnar could for TNA, but he could still get some attention. He's not the biggest star in MMA, but he could get TNA mentioned with some sports media outlet such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.

Another reason why it would make sense for TNA is because they already have a built in storyline waiting for Nelson. Over the last few weeks, company founder Jeff Jarrett has been mocking Samoa Joe by embracing a new MMA side. He's done sketches where he takes out MMA students with his "advanced MMA knowledge."

Now, imagine if Nelson were to walk through those TNA curtains during the next sketch.