Michael Vick plays for the "Best in the NFC" crown tonight against the New York Giants in Philadelphia. He is already being mentioned in MVP talks. In just six games, he has passed for 1,350 yards and 11 TDs and run for 341 yards and four TDs. He's 4-2 as a starter, including a huge win against Indianapolis two weeks ago.

Tiger Woods has recently come out and written an article in Newsweek that has gained him support and critics alike. Some feel it was a true apology in response to the cheating scandal that destroyed his marriage, and a very revealing one at that. Others have said it's just the same-old, same-old from Tiger, saying whatever he can to repair his tarnished image.The article is here.

Tiger has also opened up a Twitter account with the [MENTION=1292]tiger[/MENTION]Woods username for the first time in order to be more accessible to fans and the media.

In UFC 123 Sunday, the main event light heavyweight bout went to Quinton Jackson over Lyoto Machida in a split decisions. The UFC was criticized by some for the bout only being three rounds instead of five, as both Jackson and Machida have regularly fought five rounds before and it's possible it wouldn't have been decided with a split decision if the fight went longer.

Here's a closer look at those stories and what else is happening in the world of sports Sunday.