At UFC 123, Maiquel Falcao will be making his UFC debut against Gerald Harris. He has compiled an impressive body of work up this point in his career. His record stands at 25-3, he hasn't lost in nearly two years, he has 21 victories via KO or TKO, and he usually makes quick work of his opponents.

Falcao hasn't fought into the second round since June 2008 and has never had a fight go into the third round.

He gets in there and knows exactly what he is going to do: swing as hard as he can until he can't go anymore or his opponent can't go anymore.

That is going to have to be his strategy this Saturday against Gerald Harris, too.

Harris is a superior wrestler and a pretty good striker, who has better stamina and cardio than Falcao does.

Falcao is going to have to come out and attack.

He needs to swing for the fences and hope that he can connect with solid punches to knock Harris down.

If the fight is more methodical and with both men measuring each other up that gives Harris a clear advantage.

Basically, the longer this fight goes the more Harris gains the advantage over the powerful Falcao.

If for some reason Harris wants to get into a brawl at the beginning, that will give Falcao the advantage and he will walk away from his first UFC PPV with a victory.