German fans were treated to an entertaining bout as Amir Sadollah squared off against Peter Sobatta. A thrilling match up that saw both fighters put on a strong display of toughness and skill.

The first round saw both fighters take the center of the Octagon and begin exchanging. Sadollah began landing good shots and pressing the action. Both men clinched against the cage. They are separated and Sadollah starts to push the action again, landing hard strikes and leg kicks. Sadollah charged in and missed with a head kick and it allowed Sobatta to take his back. Sadollah breaks the grip and begins to attack once again. Sadollah started to pressure Sobata and land strikes to the head and body, while landing a front kick to end the round.

As the second round opened up, Sadollah, again pressed the action to his opponent and began to mix up his strikes. Sadollah looked to be much more comfortable with every well-timed shot he connected, as he started to move in and out of the pocket and initiated some head movement. Sadollah repeatedly landed leg kicks to the right leg of Sobata, who appeared to be hurt and exhausted.

The third round was very similar to the second round, as Sadollah targeted the right right leg of Sobatta. Sobatta countered on two occasions but it did little damage to Sadollah, as he continued to mix up his strikes and land more leg kicks. Sadollah initiated more head feints as he continued to build pressure on his opponent and attack. Despite Sobatta's efforts to muster up some offense, it was too late as Sadollah comfortably won the round and pick up the win via unanimous decision.