Yushin "Thunder" Okami (26-5) has won his first high profile bout in the UFC by defeating Nate "The Great" Marquardt to get a shot at the UFC middleweight title.

The fight between Marquardt and Okami was incredibly close, and to me, it could've just as easily been scored a draw. I saw the fight one round a piece going into the third round, and the third round could've been either man's fight.

Okami holds wins over the likes of Mike Swick, Mark Munoz, Alan Belcher, Dean Lister and now Nate Marquardt. Also, Okami has a win over Anderson Silva, but that's due to an illegal up kick that he was knocked out by, so I don't think that win should really be promoted.

I believe that Okami has the right style to combat either Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort, as both fighters have shown weaknesses to strong wrestlers. However, I do question if Okami will freeze up under the pressure like he has in prior fights.

In his losses to Chael Sonnen and Rich Franklin, Okami just seemed like he was almost asleep until the later portions of the fight.

If Okami is to win the UFC gold, he can't freeze up like he did in his two losses in the octagon, he has to go for it and use his superior takedowns and control to win.

Does Yushin Okami have what it takes to win UFC gold?

It's difficult to say at this point, but one thing is for sure, Okami has deserved a middleweight title shot for some time now, and as a fan, I'm glad to see that he is finally getting rewarded.