The following results are being brought to you live from cageside at the Raging Wolf X: Mayhem in the Mist (the Series), which featured some really great local talent from the greater New York and Ontario areas.

Toss in a few extra fighters from Maine and Florida, and this suddenly became a very major MMA event for New York State.

The fights were being held at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel, which is 100 percent owned by the Seneca Nation of Indians, thus bypassing the fact that MMA is still not legally permitted throughout other parts of New York State.

It was a night filled with great fights, special appearances by UFC fighters “Suga” Rashad Evans and Jonny “Bones” Jones, and a title defense by the amazing Bantamweight Women’s Champion, Alexis Davis.

Evans and Jones were in attendance to show their support for the event, as both of these Superstars have very strong roots in the area. They also made some interesting announcements throughout the evening.

Let’s begin.

Fight One: 145-lbs
Sabino “Scarface” Scarpone (MMA record 1-0)
Frank “Knuckles” Scalzo (MMA record 1-0)

Round 1: Scarpone fires out right away with some very good uppercuts, but Scalzo does a great job of neutralizing Scarpone up against the cage. Scalzo locks in a guillotine choke, but can’t seem to finish. He then picks Scarpone up and slams him down to the mat. Nice.

Round 2: Scalzo connects with a spinning back fist and locks in a standing guillotine choke, while pressing Scarpone up against the cage. After the failed submission attempt, Scarpone takes down Scalzo and both engage in a bit of ground-and-pound throughout the majority of the round.

Round 3: Scarpone fires out some nasty leg kicks, but Scalzo answers right back with a connecting superman punch. This knocks Scarpone down and Scalzo immediately follows, eventually locking in another guillotine choke off of his back. Once again, Scalzo loses the submission attempt, but goes for the arm bar. The round finishes off with some pretty uneventful ground and pound by Scalzo.

My Score: 30-27 Scalzo
Judges Scores: 29-29, 30-27, 30-27 Scarpone by Unanimous Decision

The crowd goes insane by the judges decision! Scalzo was definitely robbed. Luckily the judges later admitted that they had the names mixed up and Scalzo was officially presented with the win during the Intermission. Honest mistake.

How one judge scored the fight 29-29 in three rounds of action however, I’ll never know.

Fight Two: 185-lbs
Eddie “Chaos” Weiser (MMA record 3-1)
Kevin Ayers (MMA record 3-1)

Round 1: Weiser starts with a low kick and a failed takedown attempt, so instead, he picks Ayers up and slams him down to the mat. Both engage in a bit of dirty wrestling with no real submission attempts or secured positions.

Weiser then jumps to full mount and rains down with some excellent ground-and-pound on Ayers. The ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Good call by the ref, although Ayers seems upset by the premature stoppage. It wasn’t. There was absolutely no attempt by Ayers to protect himself. Absorbing a couple dozen shots to the head is not considered intelligent defence.

Weiser by TKO in Round 1

Fight Three: 185-lbs
Patrick “Ireland’s Own” Gorman (MMA record 2-2)
Jesse Hall (MMA record 0-3)

Round 1: Hall refuses to touch gloves and immediately pins Gorman up against the cage. Gorman scores the takedown and gains top control, and a bit of ground and pound before both men manage to get back to their feet.

One minute into the fight and Hall is already breathing very heavy. Gorman gets another takedown but falls straight into a guillotine choke.

Hall is squeezing hard and Gorman’s head is turning a deep purple. Hall loosens his grip enough to allow Gorman the opportunity to land a few extra punches.

Rd 2: Gorman has a mouse under his left eye that seems to be bothering him. Gorman shoots in on Hall and presses him against the cage.

Gorman secures top control and starts with the ground and pound action. Hall gives his back and Gorman sinks in a rear naked choke, but can’t hold it.

Hall reverses and lands a lot of connecting ground and pound shots on Gorman, who was definitely saved by the bell. Gorman can barely stand back up to go to his corner.

Rd 3: Hall throws some low kicks but Gorman takes him down, gaining top control. Very little action, so the ref stands them both up.

Hall pulls Gorman back on top of him. There’s a lot of scrambling, but no one is in any real danger. Hall lands a few good shots before the round ends.

My Score: 29-28 Hall
Judges Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-27 Gorman by Split Decision

Fight Four: 170-lbs
Chris “Hospital” Robinson (MMA record 3-1)
Alan “the German Buzzsaw” Hoelzel (MMA record 0-1)

Rd 1: Robinson comes out swinging but Hoelzel pins him up against the cage and lands some good knees. Hoelzel takes Robinson’s back and attempts a D'Arce choke.

Robinson spins out and gains top position, landing some ground and pound strikes with little behind them. Hoelzel throws punches from his back before kicking Robinson off.

Rd 2: Robinson shoots in and pins Hoelzel against the cage. Robinson lifts and slams Hoelzel who then doesn’t take advantage of Robinson’s exposed neck.

Robinson attempts a D'Arce choke, but can’t lock it in. Hall reverses and starts with the ground and pound before Robinson locks in a very tight triangle choke.

Robinson by Submission in Round 2

Fight Five: 135-lbs
Daniel “Black Mamba” St Just (MMA record 3-0)
Zach Lange (MMA record 4-1)

Rd 1: St Just connects with a few good shots but ends up on his back. They reposition and Lange finds himself in St Just’s guard. Lange lands a few body shots. Despite the limited amount of action on the ground, Lange finishes the round with some strong ground and pound.

Rd 2: Lange shoots into St Just’s guard again and pins him up against the cage. Limited action throughout this round. St Just is incapable of doing anything from his back and Lange is doing just barely enough to win the round.

Rd 3: Lange kicks low and shoots a single-leg takedown on St Just. St Just holds Lange down on the mat but essentially does nothing. St Just stands back up, but Lange shoots in with another single-leg takedown. Lange finishes with two failed kimura attempts and a bit of ground and pound.

My Score: 30-27 Lange
Judges Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Lange by Unanimous Decision

Intermission and Points of Interest

I love how Raging Wolf refers to their cage as the “Wolf-tagon.”

Between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones, the line-ups for autographs were huge. These guys didn’t get a break from the fans all night, but neither of them stopped smiling and they never once stopped posing for pictures.

They are both great guys who obviously care a lot about this sport and their fans.

I made some exciting new friends tonight. Details will be available soon. Don’t worry—you’ll be jealous. :)

It’s 8:15 and someone has already puked all over the men’s washroom. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

Jay Adams from Fight Zone TV is in attendance for video play-by-play and ring announcing. He also interviewed Rashad Evans and Jon Jones during the intermission (stealing most of my own interview questions—bastard!).

Lucky for me, Jon Jones remembered the interview that I did with his Coach, DJ Jones from Jackson’s.

Jonny “Bones” Jones Intermission Quotes

On fighting Ryan Bader on Feb. 5, 2011 at UFC 126:
“He’s a really tough guy. He’s never lost a fight before, so I’ll be the first to let him know how that feels.”

On comparing Bader’s conditioning to his own:
“He definitely gasses. I think the reason why I don’t is because I’m really tall and lean. My body is built for athletic speed and agility. Bader has that true power, but he gasses out really fast. That’s something that I’m looking to exploit.”

On his game plan:
“As far as game plan, I plan on mixing it up and wherever the fight goes, I’m excited about it.”

On Raging Wolf:
“This show has come such a long way. It’s only going up, so I’m glad to be a part of it.”

“Suga” Rashad Evans Intermission Quotes

On fighting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua next year after he recovers from his knee surgery:
“I don’t know when I’m gonna fight him. They said maybe in May, but it could be longer. I don’t know if I should just fight somebody else, but at the same time, I can’t really give up the chance to fight for the belt.”

On fighting Lyoto Machida again for an Interim Title and redeeming his only loss:
“Oh yeah, that’s something that I would definitely entertain.”

The announcer then called it a “brutal” loss and Rashed swiped the microphone out of his hand and said “All right! That’s enough!” It was all done in fun, of course.

On his “brutal” loss to Machida:
“It was a brutal loss, but I definitely learned a lesson, though.”

On fighting his friend, Jonny “Bones” Jones:
“There’s never been any pressure by the UFC for this fight. Dana has said that Jon needs a couple more fights, but he’s definitely going to be one of the top guys in the weight class.”

Jon Jones enters the cage during Rashad’s response and grabs the microphone away from him:

“Rashad Evans is the best of all time!” he yells. The crowd loves it.

On fighting his training partners:
“When you train with someone in MMA, you’ve really got to leave yourself vulnerable in order to get the best out of each other. You develop a close relationship with the guys you train with.”

On a possible rematch with “Rampage” Jackson:
“I’ll fight Rampage right now! I knew after the first time that I fought him that I would probably get the chance to fight him again.

"There’s only so many guys at the top level, and we’re very close to each other competition-wise. My first goal though is to get the belt back.”

On staying fight-ready while he waits for Rua:
“Luckily, I have a lot of teammates who have a lot of fights coming up. I’ll be going to train with Georges St. Pierre in a couple weeks as he prepares for Josh Koscheck, and I’m probably going to help Jon get ready for Bader, so my training partners should always be able to keep me fight-ready.”

Fight Six: 155-lbs
Matt “the Cat” Dimarcantonio (MMA record 6-1)
Kevin “Black Irish” Cummings (MMA record 3-0)

Rd 1: Cummings starts off with a few leg kicks, and then catches a leg kick by Dimarcantonio, resulting in a takedown. They scramble quickly back up to their feet and Dimarcantonio slams Cummings to the mat.

They get back up again and fight for control against the cage until Dimarcantonio slams Cummings down to the mat—again. Cummings fails at a kimura attempt, they stand up, and Dimarcantonio slams Cummings for a fourth time.

Dimarcantonio mounts Cummings and starts throwing the ground and pound action, eventually taking Cummings’ back before the round ends.

Rd 2: The two fighters trade jabs, and then Dimarcantonio goes for broke and connects with several powerful shots as he chases Cummings across the cage.

Dimarcantonio continues to press hard, looking for that single leg takedown. Cummings locks in a guillotine choke, but loses it. He then goes for the kimura, but loses that too.

The ref stands them up and Dimarcantonio takes Cummings down again along the side of the cage.

Rd 3: Dimarcantonio has been the most impressive fighter so far tonight, but can he finish? Cummings shoots, both fighters bounce off of the cage, roll, and Cummings ends up standing in top position.

Dimarcantonio tries for the single leg takedown, but Cummings locks in a deep tight triangle choke. Dimarcantonio responds by attempting his own submission—it’s a double triangle submission attempt! Holy crap!

Cummings releases and goes straight into ground and pound. Dimarcantonio picks Cummings up and slams him on his head.

This results in a very tight choke by Cummings, but Dimarcantonio gives the ref a big thumbs up before slipping out and regaining top position.

My Score: 29-28 Dimarcantonio and my pick for Fight of the Night
Judges Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 Dimarcantonio by Unanimous Decision

Congrats to the young Canadian!

Fight Seven: 155-lbs
Antonio “the Rabid Wolverine” Smith (MMA record 0-2)
Jason Bauman (MMA record 2-0)

Rd 1: Smith starts off with two bad shoot attempts and then presses Bauman against the cage. Smith scores the takedown, and gets full top mount position.

Bauman attempts to stand back up, but Smith puts the hooks in, regains top position and throws multiple shots to Bauman’s head. Ref warns Smith about punches to the back of the head and Smith continues to maintain control without inflicting any real damage.

Rd 2: Smith shoots and presses Bauman against the cage and then sinks in a guillotine choke. He can’t finish Smith and gives up top position. Lots of wasted time before Smith finally lands a few big ground and pound shots.

Rd 3: Smith presses Bauman against the cage. Bauman attempts a guillotine choke but it’s not working. Smith lands a few body shots before taking Bauman’s back. Bauman is unable to defend the head shots and Smith eventually goes for the rear naked choke. No luck though.

My Score: 30-27 Smith
Judges Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Smith by Unanimous Decision

Fight Eight: 170-lbs
Thomas Egan (MMA record 4-2)
Eric “Atomic” Attard (MMA record 2-0)

Rd 1: Attard throws a few good head kicks but doesn’t connect with any. Egan then catches one of Attard’s low kicks, lands a good shot and presses into top position. Attard lands a kick from the bottom, but Egan continues to press Attard against the cage.

The moron behind me yells “No sex!” Have another beer, dummy.

Egan fails an armbar attempt before he catches another one of Attard’s kicks and takes his back with some ground and pound to end the round.

Rd 2: Egan lands a few good punches. Attard is now bleeding from the nose and starts swinging wildly with punches. Egan presses the action and surprises everyone with a big time body slam.

Egan gets the takedown and rains punches to Attard’s head and face until the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Egan by TKO in Round 2

Fight Nine: 145-lbs
Matt “Tsunami” McCook (MMA record 7-3)
John Franchi (MMA record 5-3)

Rd 1: Franchi starts off throwing shots and then flips McCook with a hip throw resulting in the takedown. McCook goes for the kimura, but Franchi maintains side control. Franchi gets McCook’s back and sinks in a rear naked choke. He loses it, sinks it again, loses it again, sinks it again, and yes—Franchi loses it again.

Good submission defence by McCook. McCook gains top control and lands some nasty elbows to finish the round.

Rd 2: Great exchange of shots, but Franchi takes McCook to the ground. Lots of hugging. McCook does a good job of keeping Franchi in his guard as he strikes upwards with elbows.

Lots of movement and short punches being landed. Franchi looks content to “Lay n Pray” his way to victory. More great shots by McCook from the bottom. Franchi answers.

Rd 3: Both fighters bow to each other out of respect. Nice to see. Big punches from both fighters. McCook throws a kick at the exact same time that Franchi shoots in for a single leg takedown.

McCook gets Franchi in a triangle choke and lands a lot of punches to Franchi’s face, which is now completely covered in blood. Franchi’s nose is clearly busted wide open. Franchi attempts to pick up McCook and slam him, but McCook isn’t letting go.

Franchi finally slips out and locks in a guillotine choke. It doesn’t hold however, as McCook transitions to top position in Franchi’s guard.

Franchi goes for the armbar, but McCook gets out. Franchi then locks in a very tight triangle choke and the bell sounds before McCook can tap. Wow!

My Score: 28-27 McCook
Judges Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Franchi by Split Decision

It was very close, but I would have to disagree with the judges. McCook inflicted a lot more damage from his back than Franchi did from the top.

Fight Ten: 135-lbs Women’s Bantamweight Championship
Tonya Evinger (MMA record 8-4)
Alexis Davis (MMA record 8-4) Champion

Before the fight started, the Ring Announcer messed up the challengers name by giving her the Champions last name “Tonya Davis.” Evinger was understandably less than impressed. Davis seemed somewhat apologetic for the error.

Round 1: Davis starts with a few leg shots. Evinger answers back with some good punches. They trade back and fourth, feeling each other out. There’s a flurry of strikes by both fighters and Evinger pins Davis against the cage.

Davis takes Evinger down, has her back and sinks in the rear naked choke. It’s over! If you blinked—you missed it.

Great performance by the Champion, Alexis Davis out of Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada.

Davis by Submission in Round 1

Congratulations to all of the fighters. They all definitely put on a great show for the fans. For more information on Raging Wolf Promotions and upcoming events, please visit their website at

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