The undisputed master in combat entertainment is none other than the UFC. They basically own Spike TV and they've just incorporated their own sister company WEC into the fold because of one thing: the people wanted it.

World Extreme Cagefighting

The UFC's smaller (literally) counterpart until next year. Showcases smaller weight classes and is viewed by the public as some of the best fighting MMA has to offer.

The fighters never seem to gas and it's usually 3-5 rounds of (no pun intended) total nonstop action.

UFC knows that the WEC not only has some of the best fighting around, but the fans dig the action the smaller fighters bring.

WWE Superstars

Treated by WWE as a throwaway hour of television. Has no real purpose except for getting guys who don't have any creative direction some camera time. The show has obvious problems, and one of them is nobody's watching!

As big a fan of professional wrestling as I am, I can't sit through an hour of Superstars. I read recaps on it every week to see if anything noteworthy happened but other than that, I just can't watch something that has so little direction.

At least we know WWE cares somewhat about Raw and Smackdown. There's a creative team, and matches are for a reason. Tossing four matches on a one hour show and not hyping it at all won't get me to watch at all. But I have a couple of ideas that would catch my attention.

My first thought is simple, how about placing a little direction on the show. Namely, feature only the light heavyweights/cruiserweights.

So since Vince doesn't care about Superstars, how about transforming it into WWE High Flyers. Dust off the Cruiserweight belt that Hornswoggle hid underneath the ring and Let's have a High Flyer Championship! Just think of the possibilities for a minute.

Evan Bourne vs. Justin Gabriel (Air Bourne vs. 450 splash)

Tyson Kidd vs. Daniel Bryan (LeBell Lock vs. Sharpshooter. Technical masterpiece)

Rey Mysterio vs. Kaval (Give the two Latino superstars 20 minutes and get out of the way)

The Usos vs. the Dude Busters (Might as well toss in a tag team since Vince seems to hate those, too)

Primo vs. Yoshi Tatsu (Well, this would be a typical Superstars type match. But they'd make it fun)

Zach Ryder vs Santino Marella (Well, we can please Vince a little with a comedy match)

I believe one hour of high flyers would be more than entertaining if done properly. We all know the smaller guys can put in some awesome work, and what's the E for in WWE if the fans are sitting on their hands?

We the fans love to watch the best perform on the highest stage. Since the high flyers can't seem to fit in or get a good push on the two flagship shows more in love with power over finesse, let 'em tear it up on their own show.

Or you could have a very intriguing option that I'd love to see also.

Florida Championship Wrestling

By now it's a foregone conclusion that NXT will be no more after this forgettable divas edition which had a lot going for it...until the first episode.

So instead of NXT, let's see the future of WWE on display in their own environment. An hour a week should be more than enough to showcase these wrestlers.

NXT was good at one thing: getting new talent in front of the "WWE Universe" and seeing who got over and who floundered and needed more time to polish their skills.

We saw that Mr. Perfect Jr. needed a little more time in the promo department, while others like Titus O'Neal and Lucky Cannon needed a little more of everything.

In putting these young stars on TV and in front of an audience WWE would further see who's ready for the bright lights of the largest professional wrestling in the world.

We can see Mason Ryan vs. Seth Rollins

Wes Brisco and Xavier Woods vs. Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis

Richie Steamboat vs. Bo Rotundo

It'll also create an opportunity to call up Mason Ryan, and have him run through some opposition, thus giving SuperCena his Doomsday!

But enough plugging my own article, my argument is that WWE Superstars needs an extreme makeover.

It's hit or miss as to whether it's a good show, so instead of this throwaway hour, let's turn it into something meaningful and entertaining. Let's turn it into something the people want!

Like WEC to the UFC, I think WWE need to learn from the master.