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Thread: USA Cadet Freestyle/Greco National Duals in Missouri

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    Default USA Cadet Freestyle/Greco National Duals in Missouri

    Greco - 25 teams competed

    Greco Championship Results

    1st Place - Wisconsin

    2nd Place - Minnesota 1

    3rd Place - Pennsylvania Black

    4th Place - Missouri

    5th Place - New York

    6th Place - Iowa

    7th Place - Kansas

    8th Place - Indiana

    Freestyle - 28 teams competed

    Freestyle Championship Results

    1st Place - Oklahoma 1

    2nd Place - Pennsylvania A

    3rd Place - New Jersey

    4th Place - Missouri 1

    5th Place - Wisconsin

    6th Place - Minnesota 1

    7th Place - Illinois

    8th Place - Delaware

    Is there any teams anyone is surprised finished as high as they did or surprised didn't finish as high as they thought they would?
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