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    Is RPW still around?

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    i dont think so... i only saw one season of it and i watched every episode

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    There was a "premiere" event back in 2002, to make a pilot show to see if TV networks might want to show RealProWrestling...

    Then, in the fall of 2004, they filmed Season One over a weekend in Los Angeles. In the spring of 2005, Season One was shown on a weekly basis on PAX and Fox Sports.

    About two years ago, there was talk of gearing up for Season Two. In fall 2006, there were regional "qualifying" events held around the country, anticipating a Season Two to be held in the spring of 2007. Unless I slept through it, there was no Season Two.

    I recently visited the official website and it hadn't been updated in a long, long, long time. Someone asked if RPW was still selling its DVD set; I'm not sure.

    If anyone has more recent info, please post it here. There are thousands of fans who wonder "Where's RealProWrestling?"

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    I'm interested in RPW too. Thought it was fantastic to see the real thing but in a high production mode. Who organized it and funded it? Maybe we could start a movement to contact them and get it going again.

    Was there any kind of problem with Olympics involved? Professionals making money vs "amateurs" who don't?

    For the life of me, I can't imagine why you would stop something which was that good. I would pay money to see them on-line or thru iTunes (which is how I found RPW). I don't have much patience for the silliness of "pro wrestling," but it's hard to find high quality vids of real wrestling anywhere else, that really let you see and understand the structure of the action a little bit more clearly.

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    RealProWrestling was launched by two former Northwestern University wrestlers, Matt Case and Toby Willis. One of them (sorry, I can't remember which one) received millions of dollars in a settlement when much of his family was killed in a minivan accident on the Illinois Tollway caused by a large truck losing part of its gas tank (not properly maintained). Turned out the driver had received his commercial license through bribes. (This scandal helped bring down former Gov George Ryan, who had run the Illinois department of motor vehicles (or whatever it's called)

    I don't remember any problems with the International Olympic Committee or FILA or USA Wrestling regarding "amateur status."

    I'm not sure what killed RPW. I think it was a combination of factors. IMHO, one was not having Season Two follow hot on the heels of Season One. There was a promise of major changes to the format -- where each broadcast would've been a "dual meet" format, rather than a weight-by-weight tournament -- and talk of doing the events live, in arenas, rather than in a TV studio (as for the 2002 premiere event, and the Season One taping). There were even some regional qualifying events for Season Two... but, to my knowledge, no Season Two.

    I think now, with the rise of mixed martial arts, wrestlers who might have been interested in competing in something like RPW, would now gravitate towards MMA/UFC. I've interviewed a couple guys who competed in Season One, and they thought it was fun, and certainly liked the money... though it wasn't UFC-caliber paydays.

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    Willis is the family that had many of the younger siblings killed in a car accident. Dan (one of the older brothers, not in the car) was (is?) a counselor at the Camp of Champs run by the Peterson Brothers.

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