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Thread: Wrestler nicknames?

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    Okay, in most fightsports the athletes got these great nicknames, like in boxing "Iron" Mike Tyson, "Sugar" Leonard or Donovan "Razor" Ruddick. And from the MMA there is also lot of cool nicknames, but why are there barely no nicknames for wrestlers (at least from what I know)? All I got in mind is Manuchar "Killer" Kvirkvelia and Alexander "The Siberian Bear" Karelin.

    PS. If I ever get famous in wrestler, I will get known by my nicname "Mad Bison"

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    From what I have seen on various forums, Dustin Schlatter has been given the nickname The Mongoose" and Nick Simmons has been given the nickname "The East Lansing Strangler."

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    Lincoln McIlravy -The Dakota Destroyer

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    Karelin has at least three nicknames I've heard: The Siberian Tiger... The Experiment... and King Kong. ;-)

    Continuing with BIG men...

    In doing research for an article about NCAA heavyweight champs from Oklahoma State, I had to chuckle that there were a manegerie of Cowboy big guys: Moose (Earl McCready, 1928-1930), Pig (Lloyd Arms, 1942), and The Bear (Steve Mocco, 2005). And there was Gene "Ninety-Second" Nicks (1952, '54), so named because of his ability to pin foes fast. (In his senior year, most of his matches were barely a minute in length.)

    At University of Oklahoma, lean-and-lanky '56 NCAA heavyweight champ Gordon Roesler was "Goose."

    At Ohio State, the Buckeye big men have been nicknamed George "the Dreadnaught" Bollas (300+ lb NCAA champ in '41)... Dr Bill Miller (1950-51 Big Ten hwt champ was in the veterinary program)... and T-Buck (Tommy Rowlands)

    At Ohio University, 1940s heavyweight Fred Schleicher was nicknamed "Superman" presumably because of his muscular Man of Steel physique (or maybe because he looked good in tights?)

    Moderator, NCAA Heavyweight Champs

    PS Of the attached pics, all are of these guys as college wrestlers EXCEPT possibly the tOSU Miller -- it may be when he turned pro.
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    Gatsalov has an American one
    given him not after the actor, but after the missile.

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    Thank you all so much! Iam surprised how many nicknamed wrestlers there is/has been. Here in finland, we have always called Karelin Siberian Bear, The Siberian Tiger is new to me but it is very cool like all the other wrestler nicknames too. Thank you so much

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    Yusup Abdusalamov (2nd at the 2007 worlds) - the Cobra - because of his stance

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