Climb into the Time Machine
to see what college wrestling
was like 55 years ago...

... when wrestlers named Snip,
Sniff, Hud and Rummy vied for
national collegiate wrestling titles*...

Check out these sources for the 1953 NCAAs at Penn State:
> NEW photo album of the '53 NCAA finalists, along with some team pics, at VintageAmateurWrestlingPhotoAnnex 3...
(You'll also find actual-size pages of the program sold to fans in the stands)

> NEW article at RevWrestling about the '53 NCAAs, the year that host Penn State won the team title (the last Eastern college to do so!)

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* "Snip" = Norvand "Snip" Nalan of the University of Michigan... "Sniff" = Dan Sniff, Colorado State... "Hud" = Hudson Samson, Penn State... three finalists at the 1953 NCAAs. "Rummy" = Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense, who wrestled at 157 for Princeton at the '53 NCAAs. You'll find photos for each of these guys at VintageAmateurWrestlingPhotoAnnex 3.