Hey all,

I just got back from the Beat the Streets Celebration this evening where 5 awards were given to BTS coaches and the guests of honor included Dan Gable, Lee Kemp, John and Lee Roy Smith and Bruce Baumgartner.

It was an interesting night, and one of the parts I found most intriguing is when Dan Gable admitted that he stole the quote "Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy" from Bill Farrell (his logic was that attributing the quote to Gable would get it more attention than attributing it to Farrell!)

Anyways, a lot of other East Coast college coaches were in attendance, as well as a ton of NCAA Champs, All-Americans, and other former wrestlers.

Dart Shark and Quick Single were also there!

Anyways, here are the photos if you want to check them out:


I think Dart Shark is writing up a press release on the Celebration so check intermat. But here is the press release that BTS put out before the celebration if you are interested in getting more info: