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Thread: I'm such a goober!

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    Default I'm such a goober!

    At one point yesterday (at the Northern Plains Open) I was standing within 10 feet of enough Olympic hardware to make some small countries proud (no political comments here, please) - Tom & Terry Brands, Ben Peterson, Randy Lewis and Sarah McMann were all in my general area. I'm just such a goober that I can't help but be awestruck in the presence of Olympic success

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    If that is the criteria, then I join you in gooberhood.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    I am right there with you. The last time I took Karissa to the Bodybar tournament at the OTC, we walked into the wrestling room I must have looked like a little kid. It was a whose who of USA wrestling.
    Dad of Karissa 155lb Varsity College Freshman

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    I would be pretty gooberiffic, too. At World Team Trials a few years back, Ezra and I met Zeke Jones, Kenny Monday and Kevin Jackson, all hanging out in our hotel lobby. They all introduced themselves, "Hi, I'm Kenny," and we couldn't help but giggle.

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    I'm the same way. A few years ago I won an auction to have dinner with Rulon Gardner and tour the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. It was like wrestling fantasy camp and I still consider it money well spent.
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    Yea on any Sat. during the youth season in Oklahoma you never know who you will run into at a tournament. John Smith, Kenny Monday, Jamill Kelly, Danny Hodge and the list goes on.
    Dad of Karissa 155lb Varsity College Freshman

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    Has anyone thought that we may have some members/lurkers here on this forum that may be of similar elite athlete/coach status, and, if we knew their true identities, we'd all feel a bit gooberish when posting here? ;-)


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    I felt like a goober this first time I went to Dan Gable's house. Of course that was in 1984 and I was 13 so, I was a goober. I'm right there with you guys.
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    I also think that the fact that we get a chance to be goobers is one of the reasons that wrestling is amazing. How many basketball fans are at a tourney and see Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Roy Williams just chillin' and taking in the action? None, that's how many. Our stars are stars to be sure, but they are also just part of the family.

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