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Discuss 1958 NCAAs: A Look Back... at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 50 Years Ago ... A half-century ago, the 1958 NCAAs were taking place at the ...
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    Default 1958 NCAAs: A Look Back...

    50 Years Ago ...
    A half-century ago, the 1958 NCAAs were taking place at the University of Wyoming at Laramie ? and it was a significantly different event than the national wrestling championships of recent years. For starters, it was a smaller tournament. There were no electronic scoreboards ? hardly any wrestlers wore headgear ? and no one wore a singlet. In a new Rev Rewind feature,'s Mark Palmer takes you back in time to experience the 1958 NCAAs.

    NOTE: I posted only the teaser, because the article is kinda long... but hopefully worth reading. I interviewed three of the wrestlers who competed at the 1958 NCAAs, referred to Amateur Wrestling News and The History of Collegiate Wrestling (and Jay Hammond's website for brackets), and the original brochure and event program from the University of Wyoming. For those of us who weren't there, it's amazing how different the national championships were back in the day.


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    Default Re: 1958 NCAAs: A Look Back...

    Bravo on this great article! Am gonna order some of those NCAA DVDs (1965--1974).

    Am lucky enough to have some NCAA Wrestling Guides (1958-1979). The NCAA chose to water them down and then simply discontinue them. Thru the 1975 edition they were pretty good.

    The Guide for the 1958 Nats says there were 50 teams. Oh oh! Only kidding.

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