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Thread: Wrestling Makes The Evening News -- Twice!

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    Default Wrestling Makes The Evening News -- Twice!

    Interesting to see amateur wrestling get mentioned/shown on two of the major broadcast networks' evening news programs:

    > ABC World News Tonight -- with substitute anchor/former Columbia University wrestler George Stephanopolous -- had a story about a new co-ed academy in Jordan that uses Western/US-style curriculum. The academy was the product of Jordan's King Abdullah, who wrestled while in prep school in the US. The segment showed a yearbook photo of the monarch in a singlet.

    > CBS Evening News with Katie Couric -- in its weekly "feel-good" story hosted by Steve Hartman -- featured a 3-minute segment on Dustin Carter, the legless/armless HS wrestler from Hillsboro, Ohio whose long-time dream of "making state" was realized when he competed in the state tournament in Columbus last weekend. The story provided information that was new to me -- that Dustin was a troubled, "straight F" student who hated the world and his dad -- until he discovered wrestling.

    Good to see this kind of positive coverage about the sport.


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    Default Re: Wrestling Makes The Evening News -- Twice!

    Awesome to hear Mark, thanks for sharing!
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Wrestling Makes The Evening News -- Twice!

    I had read articles about Dustin Carter where he talked about how wrestling gave him a reason to do better in school and in life, but I didn't know he was a troubled kid before that.

    That's pretty cool!

    Jordan's king is a very interesting man with some very forward thinking ideals.

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