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Thread: New Adidas Wrestling shoes

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    I have to say that the white AdiStar from 96/97 could possibly be the all time best shoe ever. However I too enjoyed the combat speeds.
    I never really had a pair of the white AdiStar's I just envied those who did have them.
    I wore Asic International Lyte's the black and pink, and different combat speeds through high school.
    My sophmore year of high school I got one of the last pairs of German manufactured Adidas, before they merged with brute.
    I gave away so many pairs of shoes, that I wish I still had. Because the shoes today SUCK. I can only hope that with an Olympic year around the corner that they come up with some throw back inspiration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestater View Post
    Because shiny things are pretty.

    I too think

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    Quote Originally Posted by architeuthis View Post
    From the VP of Sales at Brute about a year ago......"You will not see the Combat Speeds again. The newer styles reflect what the kids want because thats where the market is. The classic styles don't do well. You'll also never see the original adiStars again. Adidas won't approve the stripe thats wide at the bottom."

    if this helps. tell your kids the old school styles are cool.

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