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Thread: Ground & Pound Manifesto ver. 1.0

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    Default Ground & Pound Manifesto ver. 1.0

    What is wrestling?

    It, like most other sports, is a test of physical superiority.

    I assume the most pure form of physical dominance would be a foot race. But once one oppenent catches up to the other, the comeption would turn to combat.

    The closest sport to true comabt that we have today wrestling (ignoring MMA for the moment).

    In our version of combat, pinning your oppents shoulders to the ground is the ultimate expression on domiance. However, along the way we have modified the cometition to include scoring points. Most of these points are awarded for making progress toward a pin (takedown / near fall) or for avoiding being pinned (escape / reversal).

    Some people use these modifcations as part of their strategy and try to win by collecting points for working toward the pin, but really never intending to achieve the pin.

    To me, this is a cowardly way to win. The powers to be must agree with me, because they award 6 team points for a pin and only half as many for a decsion by points.

    But, there is a another reason that ground and pound style appeals to me. You see, to be a slick takedown artist, one needs to be a pure athlete. Someone with excellent speed, balance and timing. Gifts that very few athletes have in enough portions to carry them to the upper levels of the sport.

    Still, coaches form the youth level to the collegiate level spend a disproportionate amount of time teaching and drilling styles and moves that only the elite of the elite will ever master.

    On the other hand, any ham and egger can crank a half nelson or run a chicken wing. Leg riding alone can turn an average wrestler into a feared stud. Strong and physical punishment from the top position should be the main emphasis. Wrestle to pin.

    There is nothing more satisfying as coach than seeing my stumble bum driving some fancy pants freestylers shoulder into his ear until he cries out in pain and rolls to his back.

    That's what make this sport so great. No matter what your size, shape or God given athletic ability, you can find a style that works for you. However, most should be grounding and pounding.


    comments are welcome

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