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Thread: Wrestling Movies.........???

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    Default Wrestling Movies.........???

    Wrestling movies??? does anybody know of others besides vision quest, reversal, and veritas??

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    Vision Quest is my favorite. Don't know of ay others.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    There is a Movie called "One More Shot" starring Wayne Boyd (the only/first NCAA champ from temple, or something like that) Danny Hodge, and John Smith.

    I'm not going to comment on the plot or acting, but I will say that if you enjoy wrestling, and tend to like movies that are funny for all the wrong reasons, it is worth looking at once. Its pretty campy but for the most part entertaining in an Ed Wood sort of way.

    I met Wayne at JR. Nationals one year and he was a super cool guy. He also is doing a documentary for CSTV on past NCAA Champions.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    You can also try Reversal. I haven't seen it myself but, a lot of others list it.
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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    Also, Going to the Mat. Disney movie about a blind kid who goes out for wrestling
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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    Another Disney movie that is ok is Spooner.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    World According to Garp, wasn't a wrestling movie, but like the book there wrestling was a significant part.
    Very good book and decent movie as well.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    Take Down (1979). Another Disney movie. I remember it being kinda funny and enjoyable.

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    Since ODH brought up "Garp", I'll trhow another Irving book out there that I absolutley never hear mentioned...."158 Pound Marriage".

    There are some very interesting depictions of wrestling, wrestlers, and the mind set of a former wrestler/coach. That part of it was really interesting, and I love the way Irving writes. It is also about swingers...not "you're money" swingers.

    It gets pretty intense without being graphic. Which is either good or bad depending upon how you like to enjoy literature.

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