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Thread: Wrestling Movies.........???

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    I was thinking about "158 lb Marriage" when I was replying. I am a big Irving fan and this may be my favorite book of his.
    Wrestling plays a huge part in this book. You can tell Irving still constantly is thinking about wrestling and his perspective on many things is a wrestler's perspective.

    I am reading "Widow for One Year" now and enjoying, unfortunately there is no wrestling.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    i bought one more shot and it has tuirned out to be my favorite wrestling movie yet

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    Default Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    There are some independent producers out there that are making films about wrestling or with strong wrestling themes. One of them posted here the other day.

    Another is Henry Priest

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    TV Re: Wrestling Movies.........???

    Quote Originally Posted by pin2win1 View Post
    Wrestling movies??? does anybody know of others besides vision quest, reversal, and veritas??
    have u ever seen the wrestling movie that was on disney channel?

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