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Thread: Naismith: "Wrestling Is Better Exercise Than Basketball"

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    Default Naismith: "Wrestling Is Better Exercise Than Basketball"

    Thanks to Tom Fortunato -- webmaster of the incredible website of 5,000+ amateur wrestling website links, photos, videos, more -- for finding this and alerting me to it. Had to share it with you folks who, if you're like me, just endured 15 minutes of basketball coverage on the local late news without a single mention of any wrestling... ;-(

    To read the entire article:

    James Naismith
    (1861 - 1939)
    James Naismith was born in Canada and graduated from McGill University and the Presbyterian seminary in Toronto. In 1890 he entered the YMCA college in Springfield, Massachusetts, and it was there that James Naismith invented basketball, using peach baskets as the goal...

    [Edited out portion]

    Dr. Naismith regarded his invention of the game as just an episode in a long career devoted to the improvement of the physical condition of succeeding generations. He thought wrestling was better exercise than basketball and one reporter said he drew as much pleasure from watching gymnasts as he did from K.U. basketball. When one of his former students, Forrest "Phog" Allen, told him he was going to Baker University to coach basketball Naismith said, "Why, basketball is just a game to play. It doesn't need a coach."

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    Default Re: Naismith: "Wrestling Is Better Exercise Than Basketball"

    That is some awesome stuff. Glad to see it.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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