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    Default Psu '53 & Msu '67

    So I was reading the college preview issue of W.I.N. and I came to the Penn State portion, and it said that Penn State was the last team from east of the Mississippi River to win a National Championship. But Michigan State is located east of the Mississippi River and they won in 1967. And I've noticed that most wrestling articles call Penn State the last Eastern school to win the NCAA title. Do most people consider MSU midwest?

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    I think MSU is considered Midwest.
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    That's interesting that WIN would make a mistake like that -- putting Michigan State WEST of the Mississippi River.

    Usually the way it's worded in a historical context is "Penn State was the last eastern school to win the NCAA team title" which then allows for the school that's home to the Spartans in East Lansing, Michigan and its team title 40 yers ago.

    As for what region MSU is located -- I agree with Wiltz: the Midwest... tho another correct possibility is "the Great Lakes" region. As an Ohio resident, I know some folks don't think of the state of the Bobcats and Buckeyes to be in the Midwest... but it's definitely NOT part of the east, IMHO.


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    I would call Michigan State Midwest. I'm guessing the writer was going off the "last east coast team"....and tried to be fancy by using the Mississippi River reference. Needed to study his geography a little better.
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