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Thread: bite in wrestling .

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    An actual BITE in wrestling! Just youth but still. Somebody respond to the lady's comment 1 down, its embarasing, especially a more mature wrestler!!!!!!! Ever have this happen?

    It is at youtube .com, it is
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    Default Re: . . somebody respon

    Yes. I was bit the the semis of a tournament my junior year. I was wrestling a returning 1A/2A state placer, we were both undefeated that year and I was up 9-0. I hadn't been scored on yet that tournament, when I tied up with him and pulled his head in tight against my shoulder he clamped down HARD onto my shoulder and actually broke the skin. I was so pissed off that I pushed him into the scorers table. The ref gave the other guy a point until he saw my shoulder, then he was tossed for flagrant misconduct.

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    Default Re: bite in wrestling . . somebody respon

    I was once reffing a youth tournament and a kid who was losing by about 12-4 had the other kid on his back as time ran out. After they shook hands and left the mat, the loser's coach, who was also his father, came out on the mat to me carrying his kid in his arms to show me a red mark on the kid's thigh. He said that the other kid had bitten his kid and I should DQ the other kid and declare his kid the winner. I looked at the mark and it was red, but there were no tooth marks. I didn't see it happen, and it probably was just the result of the top kid's leg being tight against the bottom kid's face, and not an intentional act. I explained this, but the coach/father was very persistent to the point of becoming obnoxious. So I said to him, "If I can get a dentist to say that this isn't a bite, will that satisfy you?" He said, "Yes," so I said, "Well I'm a dentist (which I am), and it isn't a bite." He didn't know what to say and just quietly walked off the mat.
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    Default Re: bite in wrestling . . somebody respon

    Ha, that's great Spider. Snackem or Spider, when he was thrown out for flagrant misconduct, what score did you get. (I'm kind of new)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wress112 View Post
    Ha, that's great Spider. Snackem or Spider, when he was thrown out for flagrant misconduct, what score did you get. (I'm kind of new)
    I was given fall points for the match.

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    But you guys should see it right at youtube. And see her comment. Biting on thigh aside, the gal actually was asking about rules for crotch holds I think, you could answer her.But thanks, wrestlers...and DENTISTS!

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    wress112 - give us a usable link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Richardson View Post
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    I saw Snackem is a champion, from his giant Washington tourney. But hey Greyhound rescuer, if your still around, sorry about the link error. But did you do your earlier wrestling in California there?

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    Wo, fall points just like that! Easy match then! That was right at the beginning, first period tieing up, right? But against a placer, he must have really lost it or been having a bad day or you psyched him out too much! You got to be a major champ sounds like.

    Anyway here is a link to it, its that wide ranging page of wrestling clips I mentioned before.

    Click On Playlist B and its the last video in the list! Thanks.
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