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Thread: Why isn't wrestling on TV?

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    Men Why isn't wrestling on TV?

    It sucks i get bored sometimes and I want to watch wrestling. But it is not on so then I surf and find that they have tennis on or pool and i'm like what in the hell! Can somebody help me here. is what i want to do to some people to put that on.

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    Default Re: Why isn't wrestling on TV?

    Well, wrestling never has gotten the mainstream popularity needed for much TV programming. You either have to be lucky enough to run across college or high school wrestling when you're channel surfing, or you have to know in advance when wrestling is going to be on TV.

    I think the ESPN channels still broadcast the NCAA finals in March. Occasionally, ESPN or some other cable network might broadcast a tournament or a dual meet between two of the top wrestling colleges. Depending on where you are, you might also catch some highlights from a high school tournament or dual meet on occasion.

    Also sometimes, you might see international wrestling, like during the Olympics. I once caught highlights from a FILA world wrestling championship on the ION Life channel. But even that was pretty rare.

    Other than that, you might have to stick with the Internet for watching wrestling matches (e.g. YouTube). As far as viewing the most recent matches, a site like is probably the best.

    But the best site I've come across in terms of viewing clips from high school and college matches (and actually being able to legally download wrestling clips and view later) in my opinion is Hawk Morgan's website, I say Hawk Morgan's site is the best because the wrestling clips have the best video quality, and can be viewed with either QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

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    Default Re: Why isn't wrestling on TV?

    Big Ten Network
    (available on DirecTV)
    shows at least 1 dual per week during the season
    Channel 610

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    Default Re: Why isn't wrestling on TV?

    It is also available in HD

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    Time Warner Cable (in North Carolina) has the finals (from all 3 divisions) available in their "On-Demand" section.

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    They are usually available in ~1 month after the finals happen
    (to allow time for production and narration)

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    Based on recent research, wrestling is the 6th mosted participated sport in America at the high school level. Should they have on ESPN-HELL YES.
    Why they don't have it on T.V. (IMO)
    1. People don't understand the rules, especially when we have 3 different styles (not counting grappling and beach wrestling). FILA also changes the rules every 2 years and people can't keep up.
    2. Lack of points or exciting hyped up matches that people could recognize.
    3. People can't just go and "play" the sport. They are more likely to watch it if they are able to participate in it at the recreational level.
    Take tennis for example-how many people compete in tennis in high school , but people watch it because there has been people that have made it famous throughout history. Billy Jean King and -they created headlines, yet Mo gets in trouble by USA Wrestling when he wears a black leather coat and face cover at US Nationals in 2007.
    Wrestling needs to create headlines, Rulon created one and people recognize him.

    Get something crazy and exciting and people wil watch.

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    Default Re: Why isn't wrestling on TV?

    wrestling comes on monday nights on USA.
    Like Billy Jacks' soul attack, I'm one Injun you wont forget.

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    Default Re: Why isn't wrestling on TV?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimach View Post
    wrestling comes on monday nights on USA.
    WWE wrestling is nothing like real wrestling+=Me at your comment.

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