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Thread: How has the economic downturn affected wrestling?

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    Default How has the economic downturn affected wrestling?

    I'm just curious in wanting to know how the recent economic downturn has affected wrestling at any level: in high school, in college, internationally, etc.

    Are there twice as many schools cutting funding for wrestling programs, or cutting them completely? Are you still a devoted fan but find yourself spending far less money (if at all) in regards to wrestling? Or are you as much a wrestling fan as ever? Please share your thoughts and stories. Thanks.

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    Default Re: How has the economic downturn affected wrestling?

    As far as wrestling programs in the high schools there is litttle difference -as to Freestyle a lot of kids can't afford to go to tournaments and spend the weekend -local tournaments are ok but the big ones a lot of parents -correctly-IMO-don't think it is worth the money to go to Beast of the east i.e.-when they could make a car payment with that money . In some cases a house payment .
    An ex girlfriend of mine just spent $800 on her 8th grade daughter to go to a volleyball tourney -and since they placed 14th out of 83, they , of course , have to go to St.Louis this weekend for the same tournament -the cost will be higher as it is a 3 day tourney .
    Indiana has a high unemployment rate and you won't see many kids spending money at tournaments simply because their parents do NOT have it .

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    Default Re: How has the economic downturn affected wrestling?

    I know that my budget has been cut nearly in half for next year, and that is just to begin with, I've been told that more cuts are probably still to come. We are also looking at losing some of our dates this year because of the cost of diesel and bus drivers. I see myself taking kids in the school suburban and only taking part of my team to a lot of tournaments. It sucks and makes building a team that much more difficult when you have to divide them like that but it may be necessary.

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