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Thread: Real Pro Wrestling Season Two?

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    Default Real Pro Wrestling Season Two?

    Has anyone heard anything about RPW's second season? The first one was pretty cool and I think it has a chance to do well. They even let wrestlers try ouy for the teams...anyway, just wondering...

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    Good question. It was supposed to be underway by now... after a previously announced long delay. It was just about three years ago that Season One was filmed, and broadcast in the spring of 2005. It's been about a year since the qualifying events for Season Two.

    Last time I visited the official RealProWrestling website, it hadn't been updated in months.

    As much as I liked Season One -- and hoped RPW would be a way for great amateur wrestlers to make money and stay with the sport -- I'm concerned that it would have rough going nowadays, esp with all the MMA events/options. I would also wonder how the wrestlers themselves feel about the delays and the "not knowing."


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    It is a shame, too. I thought it was a great chance for wrestlers to continue on a pro circuit. Well at least the closest thing to it...but you can't even check the updates on the website because it is never updated. I definetly agree with you...I'm a huge fan and I hope they get things worked out eventually..

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