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Thread: Are your videos on Flo going to always be around?

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    Default Are your videos on Flo going to always be around?

    This was kind of shocking to me.. although it certainly is meant as a joke the overall message here could be bad news for people expecting their videos to stay online on flowrestling forever.

    "Right before the Flo crew was getting ready to head out to St. Louis for the 2009 NCAA championships, Martin realized that there was no cheese left in the flo account. Here the crew tries to figure out how they will make it to nationals when matguard comes through with a major save."

    Matguard Saves NCAAs | 2009 Division 1 NCAA Nationals Preview on Flowrestling

    As the site traffic on Flo continues to increase and their bandwidth bills for hosting videos rise they can only expect to have ever increasing costs.. If you're uploading your videos to FloWrestling can you expect them to be around forever?

    We don't want to lose this valuable resource for the wrestling community! You can help Flowrestling cut down their costs by uploading your videos to youtube and importing the videos to flowrestling inside of your account.

    Other, less well known options for video hosting include (these, too, I believe can be added to flo via their import tool):,, & Metacafe

    We'd also be glad to help in any way we can.
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