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Discuss New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; This is the list of the new (2009-2010) ASICS brand wrestling shoes . You can ...
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    Default New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes

    This is the list of the new (2009-2010) ASICS brand wrestling shoes.

    You can find the New Adidas shoes thread here (New 2010 Adidas Wrestling Shoes).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-20-1-gable-black-red-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-125.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-21-1-gable-black-silver-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-125.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-22-1-gable-royal-blue-silver-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-125.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-23-1-cael-v-4-black-silver-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-85.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-25-1-cael-v-4-black-green-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-85.jpg  

    New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-28-1-cael-v-4-black-red-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-85.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-26-1-cael-v-4-black-royal-blue-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-85.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-24-1-cael-v-4-navy-blue-gold-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-85.jpg   New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes-27-1-cael-v-4-royal-blue-silver-2009-new-asics-wrestling-shoes-85.jpg  

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    Default Re: New 2010 Asics Wrestling Shoes

    the gables look way to similiar to the originals, and the weird contrasting colors on the caels doesnt work for me....and theres a werid design on the back of the caels....not for me...

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