Hi I would like to start off by saying hi to everyone on this forum since i am a new member. I have been told alot of experainced wrestler are on this forum willing to help and I am really happy becuase I need help concerning my body.

I currently wrestle heavyweight in Canada which is freestyle all year round and I compete at the 120 kg category. I am 16.5 years old and I weight about 220-225 pounds and I am 6 foot 2 inches.. My body fat percentage is around 15-18% which my coach said it is normal becuase im still growing . I am diong very well in tournaments only becuase I know way more teqnique then my oppenets who usaully play football and wrestle during the season unlike me becuase I wrestle the whole year around since grade 5.

Now to the question. I am concerned about my body becuase I have been watching other heavyweights in college and internatioal and they are huge. Large chest, large legs and arms with big necks and overall huge body frame. I am afraid i wont be able to complete with such big people since i will be wrestling them in about 2 years time when i graduate from High school. I have started to weight lift and eat alot but I havent been seeing huge improvments in size although i feel much stronger but look the same expect I have a bigger gut prolly from the milk and eggs i have every morning. My diet consist of lots of milk(litttle less than a gallon) and a prottein shake in the morning wiht 4 eggs some times all white and sometimes with the yoke and a protein bar at lunch and a another shake before bed. In between ill usaully have some sort of meat but on somedays i wont have meat and eat tradidtional lentil suop with bread and i eat alot of almonds. Many people say i have lots of time to grow and i will eventaully fill out but i dont know how much u grow after 16.

Can i have some advice of what past haevyweights have done to be so big and how they have become so strong with out a gut like mine lol.

Thanxz in advance