This is another weight cutting thread, but with a different twist.

I've cut the dehydrate, plastics way for multi days before weigh in for years. Ive got that part down to a pretty good science, but my metabolism is slowing down a bit, and the weight cutting is getting tough.

Off season i walk around 150, pretty healthy...during wrestling season im usually 136-138. I cut down to 125 if its scratch weight.

My question is, im curious about 'dry cutting'. Ive read where you have a schedule like this:

mon 2 gallons, only day with carbs
tue 2 gallons extra salt added to all healthy food
wed. 2 gallons extra salt
thurs. 1 gallon distilled no salt at processed foods
friday. 1 liter after am workout, nothing besdies mb a power bar,
saturday. nothing/weigh ins 7am to 1am

I would love to try this scenario out, as i think it would prevent me from being dehyrdated a shorter period of time. Im just worried that i would be 15 pounds over mid day friday.

Usually my 10 lbs come off friday like this: Since i have an am workout, my metabolism will burn 1-2 through the day. Wrestling practice will be about 4 pounds (im a skinny guy) and ill hit up a sauna friday night and lose another 3. If im still over by more than 2 pounds ill take an epsom salt bath before bed. I lose about 1 lb in my sleep. If i am over in the morning i can get ride of a pound with out working too spit, and a little bike.

If im fully loaded with water going into friday, will all those numbers just ill burn 2-3 lbs through the day, practice 5 pounds, 4 in the sauna?

I would ask my coach, but im not a fan of this weight practices...pretty extreme dehyrdation.

Also please dont say, lose fat or move up a weight class. Number one im skinny, really no fat too lose. Number two i cant go up to 133 as i wouldnt have a spot. #3 i got scholarship money next year if i can stay 125, thus i need to keep competing at that spot.

Thanks for input