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    Default DVD's?

    Do any of you trade instructional DVD's at all?
    I have the DVD's

    How low can you go II - John Smith
    Wrestling essentials - Dan Gable
    Russian Ties: Creating An Angle - Dennis Hall
    Setups and Tie-ups - John Smith
    Dominating the tie position - Carl Adams
    Defense from the feet - John Smith
    Whizzer Series - Bill Smith

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    I don't own any DVD's but if you want I will take some off your hands

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    It's nice of you to offer but I will pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catch.wrestler View Post
    It's nice of you to offer but I will pass.
    Alright fair enough.
    But just in case you change your mind you know where I'm at

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    I think I have the Gable and Smith ones you mention.
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    I have DVD's I would trade. I would like to get the Dennis Hall: Creating Angles Russian Tie DVD. I have Tony Cecchine's Catch Wrestling Seminar DVD and a bunch other DVD's. Let me know.
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    I have the Gene Mills step by step series... one thru 3. Will trade for John Smith and/or any Granby DVDs.

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