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Thread: Want to buy a Singlet

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    Where can i buy a singlet, it must be able to be shipped to the Uk and be a half decent price. An itnerchangable one would be good.

    Thanks guys

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    There is a place advertised here called matfish or something like that, maybe give them a try. I tend to order through, they have some reversable ones, and I assume that's what you were talking about when you said "interchangable." Just a bit of advice, from personal experience I think you're best off to go ahead and buy a red singlet and a blue one instead of a reversable. If you plan on using it a lot the red always ends up shining through on the blue side, and vice versa, it ends up looking purple.

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    Diablo is right on the 'reversible' side of things - more often than not they eventually look purple in places.

    MatFish delivers internationally, but charges a flat fee for customs exportation of $35.00. Generally not a great deal if you're only in need of a singlet. Of course, living in the UK you'll have a tough time finding a site that delivers to you so you may not have many options.

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