In my years of talking to wrestlers, I've always been struck by the incredible ability wrestlers seem to have to recount past matches with astonishing detail.

I'm talking about wrestlers of all ages -- from today's college stars, to the legends of 40 or 50 years ago. And... in the cases where I'm able to confirm the accuracy of the memory from newspaper or AWN stories or watching films, the wrestler's memory is just about always on target.

This has really come home to me the past couple days, in interviewing a 1950s great (who could replay his title matches as if they happened earlier today)... and in hearing from one 1960s great write about the late, great Ronnie Clinton with incredible clarity.

How come wrestlers have this ability? Is it because the big wins (and heartbreaking losses) are such a vital part of their memory, akin in importance to other milestones like wedding day or the birth of a child? Is there something about wrestling that strengthens memory? Or is memory key to the success of wrestlers, so that wrestlers must have a better-developed memory sense? Or am I just lucky to interview wrestlers with good memories? ;-)

Weigh in, please.