Hi, I have top braces and I wear a top mouthguard to protect it. But I am getting bottom braces soon and I am wondering if I have to get a double mouthguard that covers both my top and bottom teeth. I read about double mouthguards making it harder to breathe. So I know that in High School Wrestling, mouthguards for braces are mandatory. Can the mouth guard just be a top mouth guard or does it have to be both?

I am a very paranoid person, so I have some questions about ringworm (and other skin diseases in general). What does ringworm look like? Is it hard to detect it early on? What are the most common spots on the body for ringworm? What causes ringworm?

I am going to High School next year and I plan to wrestle for my school. So my question is mostly directed out to current high school wrestlers. Is it difficult to get mostly A's and maybe a B or two if you are in some advanced classes? I am worried that I will not be able to juggle school and education, so do you have any tips for balancing the two? I do not want to stay up until midnight doing my homework and be tired for school and practice.

Thank you