Yeserday my son who is 12 in the 6th grade had his wrestling partner threw in the front quarter. Now our club teaches to grab the chin with your down arm, use your forearm at the wrist to lock your on the other arm. This puts a lot of torque on the neck, personally I do not like it. I have seen referees stop the match and award a penelty point when grabing the chin and have seen others let it go. What is your opinion on the hold?

Now, I am not sure how bad it is, but he has to go have his neck x-rayed. I personally think he strained or tore some neck muscles. His season could be over and that is disapointing to him. He placed 5th last year and had his goal on winning it this year. So if you could say a prayer I would greatly appreciate it, his name is Garrett....Thank You!