Before the 2001 NCAA Championships, the University of Iowa had 100's of t-shirts and hats printed up saying, "Iowa Hawkeyes, 2001 National champions". Come championship time, the Hawkeyes were dethroned and The Golden Gophers of Minnesota walked home with the Gold. When visiting the Hawk shop in Iowa City, I had a chance to buy a t-shirt that read "Iowa Hawkeyes, 2001 National champions", but I didn't, because I didn't like the idea of wearing false advertisment. Looking back, I wish I would have. That might be worth something someday.

Before the 2000 Olympic trials, McDonald's endorsed Joe Williams in one of their commercials and had him billed as a 2000 olympian for freestyle wrestling. I suppose they must have figured, that he was going to win the tirals hands down. Unfortunately for McDonald's and Williams, Brandon Slay stepped in and took the spot. Most common American's probably didn't know or didn't care, but it'd be like McDonald's having "Superbowl champions Chicago Bears" when we all know what really happened.