The German IWF (a scientific institute for documentary films of all kinds ? nature, society...) began recently to add previews to the items in the film catalog.

In its collection, IWF has around 20 films on native/folk styles. It already added previews of the films on wrestling of Nuba and Kaba in Africa and of ?Xingu Indians? in Amazonia.

Here you can watch the previews of 2 films on Nuba wrestling

Nuba in Kordofan, Sudan, 1963

Nuba in Khartum, Sudan, 1989

The 1963 film shows the Nuba in their native areas in Kordofan.
The 1989 film shows the ?modernization? - Nuba migrants in the capital Khartoum.

Compare also the pictures in this gallery of Nuba Wrestling in Khartoum in 2006:

and these photos taken in 1949: