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SALINAS, Puerto Rico – Oklahoma City University captured the Sparta Cup as seven Stars won individual titles on Sunday.<o></o>
Joey Miller at 48 kilograms, LeAnn Barney (51), Michaela Hutchison (55), Firen Gassman (59), Samantha Phillips (63), Sara Hilliard (67) and Lacey Novinska (72) each won crowns.<o></o>
Nicole Woody (48), Mia Provence (51), Ashley Hudson (55), Sheila McCabe (59) and Tessa Plana (63) finished as runners-up. Lene Wood (48) placed third.<o></o>
To win the 48-kilo title, Miller, a freshman from Woodward, Okla., pinned Woody in 5:40.<o></o>
“We were really pleased,” OCU coach Archie Randall said. “We were treated well. We needed to experience that. Every weight is a battle for our team.<o></o>
“That was an impressive match between two quality athletes at 48. Joey had her day. Joey turned her and put her in a cradle.”<o></o>
Hilliard, a senior from Lawrence, Kan., pinned Karleah Bonk of Sarnia in 1:55 in the 67-kilo title bout.<o></o>
Novinska, a senior from Fennimore, Wis., defeated Carrill Toro of Sparta by fall in 1:38 to win the 72-kilo crown.<o></o>
The Stars compete in the Black-Blue ranking matches at Norman North High School at 7 p.m. Oct. 21.