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    On Saturday, October 25, wrestling and coaching icon Daniel Mack Gable will celebrate his 60th birthday. Happy birthday, Dan!


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    He'll probably do 60 pull-ups to celebrate.

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    My generation owes such a debt to this man -in Indiana you wrestled because you couldn't make the basketball team -this man made us seem like we could be heroes instead of second class citizens -Support your local Dan Gable posters were up in all wrestling rooms and we were no longer that other sport . My sophomore year we lost our first 3 dual meets -then didn't lose til a coupla years after I graduated -and this man was our inspiration .

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    I'm sure many people have already seen this, but it's still a collection of great Gable stories from Randy Lewis:

    The House of Seven Gables - by Randy Lewis

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    Quote Originally Posted by gg121and2 View Post
    He'll probably do 60 pull-ups to celebrate.
    Chuck Norris has nightmares about having to face Gable.
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