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    Are there any true story wrestling movies out there? Thanks.

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    Veritas - a documentary about Jon Trenge.
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    Veritas, released just last year, is excellent. To learn more about it -- and to purchase a copy -- go to

    There are some other solid documentaries out there -- "TNT: Tom & Terry Brands", a couple on Dan Gable ("Gable", "Competitor Supreme"), an Iowa Public TV documentary "Cael: Portrait of a Champion" and, of course, the 2002 ESPN "The Season: Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling."

    As for Hollywood movies "based on a true story" -- I'm not aware of any about amateur wrestlers, other than "If You Could See What I Hear" about blind Renaissance man Tom Sullivan, who, among other things, wrestled. (I've never seen it, but, from what I understand, wrestling is a tiny portion of the movie.)

    There are so many great stories to tell -- and not just Dan Gable, or John Smith, or Rulon Gardner, or Henry Cejudo. With the movie "The Express" about the first African-American to win a Heisman trophy, why not a movie about Simon Roberts, the first black to win an NCAA title (for U of Iowa, 1957)?


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    is there any website i could find the Iowa state wrestling documentary?

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