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    A couple of happenings related to this weekend's Cornell College homecoming triggered the idea for this blog. Unfortunately, the blog took on a sad note with the passing of Hall-of-Famer Gerry Leeman.

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    Definitely one of you all-time best blogs, Jim. I learned so much about Cornell's and Iowa State Teachers College's (now Univ of Northern Iowa) all-time legends who had such a tremendous, lasting impact on wrestling. Thanks for sharing.


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    Thank you. I'm a lot like you in that I believe that younger fans ought to know about those who have influenced the sport most. Your Rev-rewind articles rank with Mike Chapman's work when it comes to spreading the word about the sport's history. You know that my personal favorites are your articles on Si Roberts and Terry McCann. As you also know - I used your work extensively in creating this blog. Thank you.


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