Quite a few of my friends and family are involved in youth soccer.

I've found that the youth soccer movement in the US blows away anything that amateur wrestling is doing.

First, they have a strong governing body,http://ussoocer.com

Second, they have a comprehensive coaching certification program. Coaches must complete classes that not only include coaching strategies, but also the latest training techniques. Beginning coaches start out at the D level (youth coach) and can work up to the A level (college/pro). Ex-collegiate players can start on higher levels because of their experience. see "coaches education" on the website.
Imagine if every wrestling coach was educated on proper weight management and condition in addition to proper wrestling techniques.

Third, they have sites like this http://www.gotsport.com/rankings/events.aspx where tournament registrations and results are processed. These sites also keep a profile of high school players for college coaches to recruit from.

Finally, all programs from youth on up, funnel into the US National team which competes in international competitions (World Cup, Olympics). Decisions on rules, league structure, coaching etc, are geared to producing future National teams.