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    Default Rev Rewind: Cresco, Iowa

    Rev Rewind: Cresco, Iowa

    Some places have a knack for turning out great athletes in a particular sport -- for example, Western Pennsylvania as a launch pad for legendary football players like Joe Namath and Joe Montana. The same can be said for wrestling. Across the United States, there are small towns that have produced more than their fair share of accomplished wrestlers -- athletes who have earned state titles, NCAA championships, even Olympic medals. Some go on to even greater accomplishments. What's the explanation? In some places, it was one great high school coach -- or a succession of top-notch coaches. Sometimes, it's a family or group of families where wrestling success seems to be in the genes. In other communities, it might be a matter of success

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    Default Re: Rev Rewind: Cresco, Iowa

    First of all - another great article on wrestling history by Mark.

    I think wrestling becomes a community value. I grew up in Davenport, IA - home of the first African-American NCAA champ - Si Roberts. For the lat 21 years I've lived in Cedar Rapids, IA - whose high schools produced 4 NCAA champs (11 championships). If your an Iowan you also point out the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area and Britt and Eagle Grove, etc.

    There are also many of the same traditions in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. But Cresco - hall of fame coaches, two Olympians and a nobel laureate - WOW!
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