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Thread: What makes wrestlers so strong?

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    Default What makes wrestlers so strong?

    Coming from a BJJ background and competing in submission grappling you start to learn various traits of certain athletes. For instance, with BJJ we can work good from the back, great submissions and submission defense...With Judo they have great grip strength and throws but I, and many others, absolutly dread competing against someone with a wrestling background due to the fact that they are EXTREMLY strong all around. It doesn't matter if they're 135lbs or 200+ they throw their opponents around like ragdolls and power out of all but the best submissions. How is this so? I know it has something to do with the training routines wrestlers use but what exactly DO wrestlers do to achieve this strength?

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    Default Re: What makes wrestlers so strong?

    Lots and lots of crazy conditioning.

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    I think we simply are able to analyze those parts of the body that can do certain things. Also, I'm a firm believer that wrestlers know a lot about their own bodies and are able to do things with their bodies that many other athletes aren't able to do. For example, bridging with another body on top of your own weight.

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    I'd also add that often times it isn't necessarily strength. Leverage can make you see very strong and often neutralizes the strength of someone who is physically stronger. Wrestler's focus on leverage a lot in setups and finishes to takedowns, throws, etc.

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    I agree to that since I mean if a kid is rushing you and trying to just use his strength and you simply throw in a duck-under and a hip grab to a landing gear perhaps, the match could change it's direction drastically.

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    Default Re: What makes wrestlers so strong?

    I wouold alos add compared to most martial arts, wrestlers are pratcing more often (5-6 times per week in season) and they spend more time going live full speed in practice.
    This, IMHO, gives wrestlers an edge over most other MMA backgrounds.

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    I aree with ODH. I'm sure world class MMA athletes train extremely hard, but a lot of guys go to clubs who roll around a couple times a week, whereas a wrestler can train with a college club and go full out every weekday. A lot of my MMA friends don't spnd all that much time training.

    Finally, a lot of wrestlers lift weights in addition to their on-the-mat training. Perhaps other disciplines do just as much lifting, I'm not sure. If not that could be another reason.

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    Default Re: What makes wrestlers so strong?

    i never lifted during wrestling season. i'd say going 5 days a week and the body weight conditioning makes for an incredibly strong body. also, some people have a high strength to body weight ratio. for some reason those same people tend to gravitate to wrestling. in gym class how many people could sail up and down the rope in gym without use of legs, and the peg board, do chinups with relative ease? the wrestlers.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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    I'm positive I did the most pull-ups at my school for the physical fitness test. The whole school had to take it. I did 25 straight. I think I did the most.

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