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Thread: Iowa Wrestling HOF Pics @ VintageAmateurWrestlingPhotoAnnex 2

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    Default Iowa Wrestling HOF Pics @ VintageAmateurWrestlingPhotoAnnex 2

    It's a very exclusive club.

    To be inducted,
    you have to be an AMATEUR wrestler
    (pro wrestlers need not apply)
    who was BORN in IOWA
    (sorry, Cael, Terry McCann, Joe Williams...)

    It's the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame,
    located in tiny Cresco, Iowa.

    Now you can get inside this hall...
    by visiting the BRAND-NEW photo album
    at VIntage Amateur Wrestling Photo Annex 2 Yahoo group!

    You'll find OVER 80 photos of the great Iowa-born grapplers who grace this unique Hall of Fame...
    including Dan Gable... Dr Norman Bourlag (1970 Nobel Peace Prize winner)... Harold Nichols... Tom and Terry Brands... Les Anderson... Royce Alger... Bill Koll... and more.

    In addition, at Vintage Amateur Wrestling Photo Annex 2, you'll also find photos from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, OK... and the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute & Museum in Waterloo, IA... old-school wrestling photos from LIFE magazine and Amateur Wrestling News... and much, much more!

    Check it out!
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    Default Re: Iowa Wrestling HOF Pics @ VintageAmateurWrestlingPhotoAnnex 2

    Just one more reason why I hate Yahoo. Restrictions restrictions restrictions. If they can't let me in without registering a bunch of crap I have no interest.

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