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Discuss Mt. Rushmore of American Amateur Wrestling at the Miscellaneous Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I think we would have to have 1 for men and 1 for Women. 2 ...
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    I think we would have to have 1 for men and 1 for Women. 2 Mountains 8 faces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gg121and2 View Post
    How many histories of the period (1850 - 1920) or biographies of Theodore Roosevelt have you read?

    Congressional Medal of Honor
    Panama Canal
    Nobel Peace Prize
    Trust busting
    Better working conditions for all workers
    The first president to invite an African-American to dinner in the White House
    Reformed civil service
    Built up the US Navy

    There have been 12 major presidential ranking polls of historians over the years, beginning with Harvard's James Schlesinger's in 1948. The most recent one was commissioned by The Wall Street Journal in 2005 and conducted by Northwestern's James Lindgren. The average ranking for Theodore Roosevelt is 4.83 If you factor in that Franklin Roosevelt had not yet been president when Gutzon Borglum began carving Mount Rushmore that would make TR widely accepted as being deserving of his placement on that pantheon.

    Please note : these are all polls and surveys of HISTORIANS.

    PS Please don't counter with Brownsville - I and all historians are well aware.
    The polls of historians about presidents in 1948 and 1962 were conducted by Professor Arthur Schlesinger, Sr., not James. TR had fairly high ratings. In the first poll he was at the top of the Near Great category, number seven. Andrew Jackson was at the bottom of the Greats, at sixth place. TR was just above Grover Cleveland. In 1962, Jackson had dropped to the top of the Near Greats. But he was still at number six and TR was still seventh. James Knox Polk and Harry Truman tied for eighth. Cleveland had dropped to tenth, just below John Adams.

    But certainly, if there were a Mt. Rushmore of presidents who were wrestlers, TR would share it with Lincoln. The future Great Emancipator defeated the leader of a gang of bullies, Jack Armstrong, in the most famous amateur wrestling match in American history in New Salem, Illinois in 1831. The next year, during the Black Hawk War, militia commander Lincoln wrestled to determine if the men he led could camp on a certain hill that had a good view. He lost. James A. Garfield would also be included. His six and a half months in office ended with his death after being wounded by an assassin in 1881. That short time as Chief Executive makes him ineligible for a presidential rating. But he did wrestle while in the Union Army in the Civil War. William Howard Taft and Calvin Coolidge also wrestled as boys or young men.
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    Dan Gable, John Smith, Cael Sanderson, Lee Kemp.

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