I've been very interested in learning how to wrestle, however I just turned 20 and I didn't wrestle in high school. Does anyone have ideas for finding a wrestling club in my area? It seems like every club I've found so far is just for those high school age and below.

I figure wrestling is such a big sport there must be clubs for those of all ages, I just haven't been able to find them so far. I live near downtown San Diego and I'd be willing to travel about 30-45 minutes. Does anyone have ideas of where to look, or at my age is it unlikely I'll find anything? I know some colleges have wrestling teams, I assume that's only for experienced wrestlers though and they don't have any sort of beginner programs?

I don't expect to become an amazing wrestler starting at this age, but I was hoping I could at least find a place to learn the sport. I have checked all sorts of sites online but haven't found much. I realize it's a long shot but I'd appreciate any help I could get finding a wrestling club for all ages.