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Thread: Starting wrestling after high school?

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    Default Starting wrestling after high school?

    I've been very interested in learning how to wrestle, however I just turned 20 and I didn't wrestle in high school. Does anyone have ideas for finding a wrestling club in my area? It seems like every club I've found so far is just for those high school age and below.

    I figure wrestling is such a big sport there must be clubs for those of all ages, I just haven't been able to find them so far. I live near downtown San Diego and I'd be willing to travel about 30-45 minutes. Does anyone have ideas of where to look, or at my age is it unlikely I'll find anything? I know some colleges have wrestling teams, I assume that's only for experienced wrestlers though and they don't have any sort of beginner programs?

    I don't expect to become an amazing wrestler starting at this age, but I was hoping I could at least find a place to learn the sport. I have checked all sorts of sites online but haven't found much. I realize it's a long shot but I'd appreciate any help I could get finding a wrestling club for all ages.

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    Im not familiar with any clubs in the San Diego area, but you might have better luck contacting CA - USAWrestling here:

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    Do college teams allow club athletes to walk on and train with them? That's where most sr. wrestlers train in Canada.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I actually contacted a few clubs I found through the CA Wrestling website but didn't get any responses- a lot of the listings seem like they may be old.

    College clubs allow walk ons but I'm not sure how welcoming they'd be of someone with no experience. From everything I've been reading it looks like I'd need to already be a great wrestler to try and train with a college team, unless I just wanna get tossed around.

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